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7 Must-Post Local Business Posting Destinations

Finding time to maintain or update your online business postings might be difficult. Once you claim your posting, you can select which data and images about your business to display on these sites.

You may already have a posting, so it’s only a matter of securing the page for your firm. What is the difference between refreshing and asserting? Refreshing signifies you’ve produced a record and need to update it. Guaranteeing means a page for your company exists, but you did not create or set it up. In this case, you must prove your business before changing any data.

How would you pick the best location for your business? Simple! Start with these:

7 business listing sites you should claim and update now.

Google Maps

Google My Business “interfaces you specifically with clients, whether they search for you on Search, Maps, or Google+.”

The best way to confirm or modify your company posting is to click “Get on Google” anywhere on the page, sign in to your Google account, and add your business data to Google.

Business Yelp

According to Yelp, “Many people use Yelp to find amazing local companies.” Let them find you for free! “

The best way to confirm or modify your company posting: Scan for your company here. If it exists, you’ll have two options: a claimed catch or a claimed connect. Tap the option and sign in or create a record to change it.

business guide

They “won’t just get you on the web, but can also help you become discovered, drive leads, and expand your scope,” says Yellow Pages.

How to claim or change your company listing Click here to learn how to update your business interests.


This “extensive business index” includes maps, events, and more.

How to claim or change your company listing Scroll down to “Try Free Local Basic Listing” and click “Join.” Then update your company’s address, phone number, and URL. This administration is free.

Bing Business Place

“Places for Business” is a Bing item that allows business owners to post their business on Bing.

Steps to confirm or change your business posting Bing probably already has posts for your trade. Snap here to ensure

Business Foursquare

Foursquare indicates “More than 50 million people use Foursquare to discover amazing companies and share their love for them.” Join the 2 million businesses already using Foursquare to engage in conversation and grow their business. “

Business Facebook

According to Facebook, it “may help you to contact everybody who matters most to your trade.”

The best way to confirm or modify your company posting: To claim your business page, click here. To accept a business page, go here.

Re-posting your business is easy. Begin by looking for your company, then selecting your posting. If you don’t see your business, press the link at the bottom of the page to add it. Snap here to handle your post.

Remember to provide this info on each post:

set up to round out data and keep it consistent across sites. Consistency aids SEO (site design enhancement).

Name of the firm & (city, state, zip)

Standard telephone number

Site Hours

A 250-character description of your company.

Codes of commerce

Imagery and logo

Record each posting so you can reproduce it exactly. Keep an eye on your posts and update your data regularly. Remember to keep your business image appealing to potential customers.

Tip! If you have a physical location, display a sign in your window inviting people to “check in” and leave feedback. Some firms even provide customers who check in with a special gift or incentive, but it’s excessive. Never give gifts or pay for a survey.

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