Car insurance: the news of the DDL Competition on tariffs

Discounts on rates for those who install the black box and for those who have not caused accidents for 4 years. These are the main innovations in terms of car insurance from the Competition Bill.

The approval of the Competition Bill brings with it some interesting news for motorists. The law provides that SunCoast insurance companies apply discounts on rates for virtuous motorists. The changes should partially reduce the price differences between the Italian regions and the average prices between Italy and the rest of Europe.

DDL Competition: how car liability rates change

The Law on Competition (No. 124/2017) also deals with car insurance and, in particular, provides for a series of ” significant mandatory discounts ” on car liability rates for:

  • Motorists who agree to subject their car to a preventive inspection ;
  • Who agrees to install the black box on board ;
  • Who agrees to install a device that prevents the car from being turned on if the alcohol content exceeds the limits set by law (alcohol lock);
  • Those who reside in the Italian provinces are most at risk and have not caused accidents in the last 4 years.

And speaking of accidents, to reduce the risk of fraud against insurance companies, the Competition Bill has established new rules for the use of witnesses. From now on in the event of an accident, if there are no injuries, the witnesses must be indicated immediately or must be promptly reported to the insurance company.

Car insurance: the news of the DDL Competition on tariffs via @ 6sicuro

Discounts on RC car rates: the IVASS regulation

The same Law on Competition establishes that to define the amount of the discount on the motor TPL tariffs, the rules for its application, and the identification of the Italian provinces with the highest accident rate is an IVASS regulation.

The discount provided by law for those who reside in the provinces where the greatest number of accidents is recorded is different from that provided for those who install the alcoholic or the black box or submit the car to a preventive inspection. This means that the two discounts can be combined, resulting in nice savings.

The implementing regulation is currently being consulted and is available on the IVASS website.

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