Car insurance: no fine with the digital coupon

In the event of a check, you can prove that you comply with the car insurance also by showing the certificate on your smartphone or not in the original. If you have been fined for this, the fine is void.

You are in good standing with car insurance even if you do not have the original coupon on board and you show the agents the digital coupon or a copy of the insurance certificate.

Car insurance: the certificate shown on the smartphone is valid

The Pontremoli Justice of the Peace confirmed that the insurance certificate shown on the smartphone is perfectly valid. The judge thus annulled the fine imposed by the Carabinieri on a motorist without the original coupon.

Judgment no. 168/2018 refers to an episode that took place in 2016. The motorist, stopped by a Carabinieri patrol, was fined because he did not show his insurance policy number certificate.

The driver had tried to show the certificate through the smartphone, to prove the regularity of his RC car. The Carabiniere, believing that it was necessary to have the original certificate, had fined the driver.

Car insurance: yes to digital certificates and non-original copies

The sentence of the Justice of the Peace annulled the fine, reiterating that motorists can show the coupon both in digital format and by showing a copy. In the case of checks, it is therefore not necessary to have the original certificate, but it is sufficient to prove that you have a valid RC car.

This principle had already been established in 2016 by a circular from the Ministry of the Interior. The circular reads:

during the inspection, an insurance certificate in digital format or a non-original print of the digital format itself can also be shown to the traffic police, without the driver being sanctioned for not possessing the original compulsory insurance certificate according to the combined provisions of art. 180, paragraph I, letter d) and art. 180, paragraph 1, CdS or without that, according to art. 180, paragraph 8, CdS, the subsequent presentation of an original certificate in paper format may be required.

Showing the insurance certificate from the smartphone display therefore not only protects you from the fine but is sufficient to prove that you have regular car insurance, without having to show the original.

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